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We provide support, dignity, and purpose
through sustainable employment
to those affected by
and substance use disorder.

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Getting a job
in early recovery or after incarceration
hard enough.

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But without essentials such as a driver's license, transportation, groceries, clothing, and stable housing, individuals struggle to show up confidently and comfortably each day. 

United Recovery Fund was founded in 2017 to provide comprehensive and holistic services that are crucial for the lasting success of individuals recovering from substance use disorder or reentering the work force after jail or prison.

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We bridge the gap.

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Since 2017, United Recovery Fund has provided...

Our Services

The first two weeks of an employee’s time at a job are crucial to their long-term success. URF uses a case management model that includes career counseling, medical and dental referrals, and support accessing social services.

Career Counseling


Grocery Assistance

Medical & Dental Assistance

Banking Support


Housing Assistance

Work Tools

Weatherized Clothing

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“The best thing that recovery ever taught me, was to learn how to suffer with grace.”
- Justin Downey

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